Targeting mortgage brokers, loan officers, and real estate agents

Scenario – Mortgage Industry is a large fragmented market

The total U.S. Mortgage Debt is 10.206 trillion as of September 21, 2018 – per the St. Louis Federal Reserve. Source:

According to some experts, the fragmented real estate industry is a $40 trillion market. Market leaders and new entrants are trying to streamline the lending process to be not only computer friendly, but also mobile device friendly. They are working to convert multiple separate systems to complete a loan transaction to just one. Source: – Real Estate Orchestra Group.

Software / Platform Developers are in the arena

One such new entrant discussed with us the possibility of offering dynamic digital marketing to their mortgage software platform. We discussed having their programs dynamically generate a template website for their mortgage broker and loan officer clients through WordPress, Wix, Weebly, or any of the various competitors that might be receptive (assuming the clients wanted to upgrade their websites).

When it came to creating and maintaining interesting social media, how would mortgage brokers, loan officers, real estate brokers, and real estate agents create a following on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages? The loan industry is similar to the insurance industry, where under normal circumstances, a retail customer is unlikely to follow a traditionally boring industry, especially if they were likely to only be financing or re-financing once or twice over long periods.

Loan HumorLoan Humor Solution

Whether to be integrated in mortgage software packages, or offered stand alone to loan and real estate professionals, our approach is to bring fun into an industry that could benefit from it. With the goal of being a co-manager of a client’s social media, the client would still post their content, i.e. articles, information on possible interest changes, incentives offered by their lenders, etcetera. A once or twice a week post of Loan Humor memes (humorous images that may be shared by other Internet users) would break up the monotony of financial posts. Loan Humor memes would be customized with the client’s logo, and there would be a library of past memes to share, and new memes created every week. Competing clients in the same geographical region would not be showing the same meme posts at the same time. The goal would be to increase followers, increase social media engagement, and eventually be a tool to help in prospect interaction that may generate leads.

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