Sample Marketing Proposal to a Homeowners Association (HOA)
Mr. John Doe, President
123 Anywhere Lane
Los Angeles, CA 90001

Marketing Project
HOA website and monthly marketing subscription

XYZ Marketing will design, create, host and maintain a website for HOA based on the content currently at their existing website. We will attempt to port all of the content as possible with our best efforts, and any other reasonable new content as requested by the HOA. One option for new content is to list all the tradesmen who could advertise with HOA, such as carpenters, electricians, gardeners, painters, pest control, plumbers, etcetera. We will assist the HOA in creating social media including a Facebook fan page, as well as Instagram and Twitter accounts if they wish, which is our recommended tool for clients to add their own content.

XYZ will assist client in domain management if desired, and access to the current domain will need to be obtained. In the unlikely scenario where the domain is not accessible and/or is not released, the HOA will need to get access to their domain, or choose a new one.

Client will email photos of their housing sign and some home photos to give an idea of the neighborhood. We will create 2 sample website color designs for you to choose from. Content for a Google calendar (if desired) will be created by us (if you don’t have one yet), and will be maintained by the HOA. Content for the website maintained by XYZ Marketing with your monthly marketing subscription. It is recommended that client content be added to social media.

Recommend E-mail Hosting with GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers 24/7 support out of Arizona – and has a reasonable plan per email, with plenty of e-mail storage. They have other plans that can include office software, and sometimes they have it on sale. Please visit their site or call (480) 505-8877 for more information.

Monthly Marketing Subscription

Monthly marketing subscription includes:

1. Web hosting included with the marketing subscription. No separate fee.
2. Updating one (1) hour worth of website changes per month. Unused updates do no accrue, and are not carried forward to the next period.
3. If desired, domain name management and renewal. You provide access to your GoDaddy account.
4. Please note that all email support is provided by GoDaddy, and not XYZ Marketing.
5. If desired, setup and co-manage a HOA social media accounts. Create art for a Facebook and Twitter cover mastheads, and profile photos for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
6. If desired, create banner ads for tradesmen advertisers.

$ ______  Information based website – one-time development cost
$ ______  Monthly Marketing Subscription
$ ______  Annual email accounts with GoDaddy
$ ______  Domain name registration for one (1) domain name for one (1) year.
$ ______  Total

Proposal for one year of service, and then renewable quarterly with 60 days written notice to terminate the agreement and services by either party. Any services outside of the agreement will be billed separately after approval from the HOA. This proposal is good for thirty (30) days from the date: ___________________

Estimated Start Date: after ___________________ and upon payment.

Estimated Completion Date: less than ___ week(s)

To accept this project, make your check payable to: XYZ Marketing and send it our address.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you for your business. We look forward to helping you with this project.


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