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Sample Telecommunication Proposal to a Restaurant
XYZ Restaurant
Mr. John Doe
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Hardware Estimate

Cost       Qty. and Description
$ _____  4 boxes of category 5 plenum wire.
$ _____  12 data / voice outlets with jacks
$ _____  2 voice outlets with jacks
$ _____  2 Partner 18 button display terminals
$ _____  Subtotal
$ _____  plus 15% for tax, shipping & handling, and variance
$ _____  TOTAL DUE

Scope of Work

  • Remove old station 50 pair cables (24) plus associated hardware.
  • Remove old 50 pair feed cable between telephone terminal room and existing demarcation point and replace with new 25 pair cable to new equipment room location.
  • Move existing phone system from old location and install at new location.
  • Install two (2) 18 button display terminals.
  • Install twelve (12) voice / data outlets.
  • Install two (2) voice only outlets.

Installation Labor

Phone jack labor will be charged at the rate of ____ for a single drop, and ____ for a dual drop. An invoice for installation will be submitted at the completion of the job. Any unused hardware returned to vendors will be refunded.

Consultation / Maintenance and Repair Visits

ABC Telecommunications will charge ______ per hour for consultation / maintenance and repair visits. Minimum one (1) hour service charge.


Payment Schedule

All payments are due upon service completion unless other arrangements are made. Late fees and interest may apply to delinquent accounts.

To begin this project, please make a check payable to ABC Telecommunications for a deposit of _______ to purchase the above mentioned hardware. This does not include labor charges, and any additional hardware that may be requested by the client. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Please make check payable to ABC Telecommunications.

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